Vivi Cao

Vivi Cao

Vivi Cao

About Me

Hello, I’m Vivi!

Hi guys, my name is Wei Cao, but for everyone I’m Vivi. I’m a third-year student at the University of Technology Sydney, majoring in visual communication.

Why did I choose Joidea?

Joidea is a technology services company that has a design department related to my major and I could explore what UI/UX is. Through the internship, I hope to improve my knowledge of the hard skills of using software and being able to apply it to projects; and the soft skills of communicating with people. I also hope that through this experience I will be able to explore which areas I am more interested in.

What have I learnt?

Joidea Group is a place where the possibilities are endless. During this intern project, I not only understood what a professional UI&UE designer should be, but I also gained experience in other job duties.

  • Improved the use of Figma
  • Designed the landing page
  • Researched different design resources
  • Establishing a multi-faceted way of thinking, not just as a designer. Learning how to think about the needs of a business or customer in terms of their needs
  • Enhanced communication and listening skills through interaction with supervisors or different departments

Why would I like to recommend this program to my friends?

Joidea has a growth-minded working environment, it also has a senior designer to guide you

As a trainee, you can learn through the process of trial and error and no one will blame you. They just want you to improve and do better.

Working at Joidea, colleagues are friendly and passionate.

The projects and tasks that I have participated in:


  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Landing page design
  • Logo design
  • The translation of Popsup’s official website
  • Being a model for promotion video

Skills that have been improved through the internship program:

The use of Figma​

The sense of aesthetics

Communication skill

Growth mindset and creating thinking

The days I spent with the team

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