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React Essentials

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Building Dynamic UIs with Functional Techniques

Project Overview

This project involves building a consumer expense tracking website using React, with a homepage, a page for selecting expense records by year, and a page for adding new expense records. The primary objective is to provide users with an intuitive platform for analyzing their spending habits through data visualization. By utilizing React’s components and the useState hook, we will create dynamic and responsive interfaces that are visually appealing and user-friendly. This project will demonstrate our proficiency in React development and our ability to deliver functional web applications that meet user needs.

Project Outline

  • Teaching mode: Personalized 1v1 Training
  • Duration: 1h Training period + 30min Q&A session
  • Delivery method: Online


Learning Outcome

Upon completing this tutorial, participants will have hands-on experience with a React-based project, enriching their practical web development toolkit. This immersive approach ensures a robust understanding of key React principles and techniques.
You’ll gain insights into:
  • React Fundamentals: Core principles and JSX.
  • Dynamic User Interfaces: Building responsive elements with useState.
  • Data Management: Handling and visualizing data.
  • Component Architecture: Designing reusable components.
  • User-Centered Design: Crafting intuitive interfaces.
  • Event Handling: Managing user interactions.
  • State Management: Dynamic data updates with useState.
  • Responsive Web Design: Adapting UI for various devices.
By the end, you’ll be poised to tackle web development projects with renewed expertise.

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