Arthur Zhao

Arthur Zhao

Arthur Zhao

About Me

Hello, I’m Arthur!

My name is Jiangshan Zhao(Arthur). Graduated from the University of Sydney from the major of software engineering. Working as a front end engineer for two years at Joidea.

Why did I choose Joidea?

  • Get involved in real industrial knowledge
  • Solidify my coding skills
  • Worship the company’s culture
  • Improve the communication skills

What have I learnt?

  • Good understanding of React.JS, Redux.
  • A deeper understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript

Why would I like to recommend this program to my friends?

Opportunities to participate in real industry projects.

The company culture is open and friendly.

Improve fast and can learn more knowledge that cannot learn at school.

The projects and tasks that I have participated in:

  • Popsup
  • One Art Mobile
  • One Art Web

Skills that have been improved through the internship program:

The ability to debug and solve problems

The communication skills for the tech department and business department

Frontier programming skills with latest tech-stack

The days I spent with the team

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