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Delivering internship job matching and personalised 1-to-1 career planning for students and working holiday visa holders.


Connecting instructors, industry leaders on this private social platform with MyGrowth and Internos members.


A marketplace for all platform partners to provide exclusive member services.

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Hosted by partnering corporates and student associations across various universities

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via online webinars, mentoring programs, and in-person workshops with MyGrowth’s partnering instructors


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Automatically matching your skill set and job preferences with relevant internship opportunities, we will also connect you with our business partners.


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Internos can create a customised plan for you to secure your desired internship and job


Maximise your network and connect with individuals who can inspire you and contribute to your success.

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We thrive alongside with our members who are new to a city.

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We guide them through each stage to accomplish their desired goals.

"A successful full-time job offer after the internship."
Arthur ZhaoIntern - Software Engineering Studied at USYD

I participated in 2 projects and gained great exposure to cutting-edge programming skills using the latest tech-stack. The ability to debug and solve programming problems led to a successful full-time job offer after the internship.

"Secured a Master's Degree offer from Hong Kong University."
Simon WangIntern - Software Quality Assurance Studied at UNSW

Since I was working in the QA department, I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience through two different software projects, participating in front-end testing and API testing, as well as acquiring knowledge on automated testing and Katalon.

"Met clients from different industries with different nationalities."
Diana FengIntern - Project Management Studied at UNSW

My internship company provided me with valuable exposure to business communication and professionalism. I had the opportunity to put my learning into practice, receive feedback from experts, and learn how to build professional business networks.

"Increased my competitiveness in the job market."
Vivi CaoIntern - UI & UX Design Studied at UTS

The use of Figma, a sense of digital creativity, and communication skills with clients, which I gained from the internship program, has built my confidence and competitiveness in my professional career.

"Real projects with experienced Tech supervisor"
Stefan GaoIntern - Software Front-end Development Studied at UNSW

Opportunities to participate in real projects during this 3-month internship program. The working culture was very open and dynamic. I worked closely with a group of young talents and great team players.

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