🌏🎉 ‘Nippon Night’ Sydney Meetup: International Connections & Epic Celebrations! 🎶✨

MyGrowth co-hosted this  event and supported its ticketing with a QR scan check-in feature

Event Type: Cultural Exchange

Event Size: over 350 tickets sold

🌏 New in Sydney? Ready to expand your friend circle and practice English? Join our unique meetup that goes beyond the ordinary! Dive into a relaxed atmosphere meant for genuine connections and forming lasting friendships. Get a crew together before summer kicks in for some epic celebrations! MyGrowth is co-hosting this above event and supporting its ticketing with a QR scan check-in feature.  

Our ‘Nippon Night’ events have been a hit! From 110 attendees at the first event to an impressive 250 at the second. Now, we’re aiming for over 350! Expect a diverse crowd, from locals to European backpackers and university students. Immerse yourself in an international vibe. Come solo or with friends, everyone’s invited! Enjoy cool drinks and amazing conversations.  

For this edition, we’ve spiced things up with our venue. We’ve booked the first floor and rooftop of Pyrmont Bridge Hotel. The ‘Chill Out Floor’ is for laid-back chats, while the ‘Party Floor’ is where the DJ spins tunes for a full-blown party! 🎉🎶

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